Software quality and testing

Problem Statement
JUnit is a unit testing framework widely used by the industry. You are required to demonstrate your
ability of correctly using this tool to perform white box testing on a Java application. The source code
of this program is provided on CloudDeakin alongside with this instruction. The speci cation of this
program is listed as follows:
The taxMe program mimics some basic Australian taxation rules by calculating the taxable annual
income based on four input variables including salary, medicareLevy, TBRLevy (Temporary budget
repair levy), and Lilevy (Low income levy). The output of the program will be the amount of the
payable tax and the income after tax. It calculates the payable tax based on the following rules:
1. If your annual income is less than $18,200, you do not need to pay any tax.
2. If your income is between $18,201 and $37,000, you have to pay 19% for the amount that exceeds
the tax-free threshold, which is $18,200.
3. If your income is between $37,001 and $80,000, you have to pay $3572 plus 32.5% for the amount
that exceeds $37,001.
4. If your income is between $80,001 and $180,000, you have to pay $17,547 plus 37% for the amount
that exceeds $80,001.
5. If your income is more than $180,000, you have to pay $54,547 plus 45% for the amount that
exceeds $180,000.
6. There are levies applicable to each stage of tax, each will make subtle changes to your payable tax:
 medicareLevy will introduce a 2% increase on the tax.
 Lilevy will o set the rst taxable tier to $20,543 instead of $18,200.
 TBRlevy will introduce a further 2% increase, however, it can only be applied to the top tier
of income earners.
Upon satisfactory completion of this assignment you will be able to contribute to industry research
and development projects in the context of software engineering, analyze gathered information, and
present your ndings. To demonstrate your achievement of these goals, you must write a 3,000 word
report regarding this test.
Your report should consist of the following chapters:
1. A proper title that matches the contents of your report.
2. Your name and Deakin student number in the author line.
3. An executive summary that summarizes your ndings. (You may nd hints on writing good
executive summaries from
4. An introduction chapter that explains JUnit, unit testing, white box testing, and the organization
of the rest of your report.
5. A literature review chapter that surveys the latest academic papers regarding scienti c software
testing and unit testing which include (at a minimum) all papers listed below. You are advised to
identify and include more papers published by ACM and IEEE journals or conference proceedings.
Your review must not simply be a summary of each paper, but rather a deep analysis of the body
of work reported in the set of paper. Your aim in this part of the report is to demonstrate deep and
thorough understanding of the existing body of knowledge encompassing web application testing.
(Please read through the hints on this web page before writing this chapter
6. A analysis chapter that consists of the program graph derived from the provided program, all
feasible testing paths, and the number of test cases by using di erent unit testing methods. The
unit testing methods should include at least two methods of using boundary value, two methods
of using equivalence class, one method of using decision table and one hybrid method. You should
produce results similar to the example shown in slides 46, 47 and 48 presented during week 5's
7. A test case chapter that lists your test cases and explains why you would use each of them.
8. A test demonstration chapter that consists of fully explained screenshots when you use JUnit to
conduct the testing tasks. You are required to cover all feasible paths and document your ndings.
9. A conclusions chapter that summarizes major ndings of the study and indicates future work which
could be conducted in the area.
10. A bibliography list of all cited papers and other resources. You must use in-text citations in
Harvard style and each citation must correspond to a bibliography entry. There must be no
bibliography entries that are not cited in the report. (You should know the contents from this page
A Minimal List of Papers
 Cox, M.G. and Harris, P.M., 1999. \Design and use of reference data sets for testing scienti c
software." Analytica Chimica Acta, 380(2), pp.339{351.
 Kelly, D., Thorsteinson, S. and Hook, D., 2011. \Scienti c software testing: analysis with four
dimensions." IEEE software, 28(3), pp.84{90.
 Kanewala, U. and Bieman, J.M., 2014. \Testing scienti c software: A systematic literature review.
Information and software technology," 56(10), pp. 1219{1232.
 Hinsen, K., 2015. \The approximation tower in computational science: Why testing scienti c
software is dicult." Computing in Science & Engineering, 17(4), pp. 72{77.
 Bertolino, A., 2007, May. \Software testing research: Achievements, challenges, dreams." In 2007
Future of Software Engineering (pp. 85{103). IEEE Computer Society.
 Hook, D. and Kelly, D., 2009, May. \Testing for trustworthiness in scienti c software." In Pro-
ceedings of the 2009 ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and
Engineering (pp. 59{64). IEEE Computer Society.
 Joppa, L.N., McInerny, G., Harper, R., Salido, L., Takeda, K., O'Hara, K., Gavaghan, D. and
Emmott, S., 2013. \Troubling trends in scienti c software use." Science, 340(6134), pp. 814{815.

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