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Which is a more interesting career, art or science?

Written by Thursday, 27 September 2018 16:02

Art or Science? This is a question many young people struggle with when it reaches the time for them to choose a career path. The question of which is  more interesting than the other is dependent entirely on an individual unless there is alot of external influence either from the family, friends or environment. If one comes from a science dominated family they’d be more inclined to take science career course same for the arts family. This is unless one is the ‘black sheep’; those people who just like rebelling for the sake or those who  are genuinely passionate about the other side. Both science and art careers are interesting in their own way and they both actually have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Needless to say that they are interdependent.

For arts, it is easier to start up a small business like a consultancy firm at a relatively low budget compared to science startups which would cost more in terms of  equipment purchase and setup.

Arts mostly focus on creativity while science focus on invention. An art practitioner will focus on the aesthetic of a place or thing, what would make it look better and presentable for example the body of a BMW x6, its interior and all. On the other hand, a scientist would focus on how efficient it would be, how it would be smooth to drive and use the least amount of fuel for a longer distance.

For one to advance in the science field, one has to literally go back to class unlike arts one can self teach on the go. Take an example of a medical doctor versus a reporter. If the doctor wants to be a specialist example a gynaecologist, they’ll need to go back to grad school and study. On the other hand if the report wants to be a producer of a show or station, they do not necessarily have to back to school. They can learn from the seniors at work.

Arts graduates have flooded their job market due to so many people choosing it over science field making it really hard to get a placement, while the science field is not as much crowded making it easier to get a job placement. With this, you find that most science field job incomes are stable and long term compared to arts job income.

Arts careers have vast opportunities to  climb up career ladder and widen scope compared  to science careers. A teacher can go into journalism and become a host of a show that they  produce and direct whereas a doctor can only be a doctor and even if they upgrade, they can not spin far from their field like an art career person can.

Science makes life better and easier, through regular inventions and upgrades for advancement. Take an example of HIV/AIDS, through invention and nonstop research now people can live for decades as they manage the condition  unlike before where people would die within months of diagnosis. Same as cancer whereby some types can actually be cured. In essence, science improves people's’ lives on a daily with one invention or the other.


The above are just but a few comparisons on the two that can sway one to either direction. Meanwhile, visit   for quality, pocket-friendly, professional academic writing services with a guarantee of non- plagiarism, enjoy their service delivery and tell a friend to tell a friend. Not to forget quality resume and cover letter writing services.

Is it better to study abroad or in your home country?

Written by Thursday, 27 September 2018 15:47

While studying in one’s home country would be a good and comfort-zone kind of environment, studying abroad can be one of the most fulfilling and beneficial experience to a student’s life. In fact, many students choose to study abroad influenced by various reasons. Some amongst the many reasons are we going to discuss here.


1.New environment, different way of life

When one visits a new and different country or state, the first thing one would notice is the new environment, a different language, way of doing things, way of living and so on. Now living there as a student, one gets the great opportunity to learn and experience firsthand  all the new aspects of life as studying progresses


2. Higher chance of hire

Studying abroad gives one an upper hand careerwise. You find that if you have had the opportunity of studying abroad, when you go for an interview there is a higher chance of you getting the job compared to one who studied in the home country.  Why? Because studying abroad imparts in you a new perspective on culture, new language skills, possible work experiences and great education amongst others which are an eye candy to potential employers.


3. Creating contacts and making friends

In a foreign country, you get to meet new people, create contacts, make friends, begin short term or even lifelong relationships. These relations more often than not last longer. And it also feels great knowing that you have a few friends and contacts scattered across the world.


4. Self discovery

Being away from home can help one discover new things about themselves and gain more understanding to oneself. For instance it can help you learn that you can actually save up and buy a thing or two on your own unlike when you’re close to your relatives who buy you the things you want when you ask.


5. Sightseeing and adventure

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to sightsee and awaken that spirit of adventure tucked somewhere in there. For example when you study in china, wouldn’t you like to see the Great Wall in Beijing or the giant panda in Chengdu?


6. Different and new cuisine

Different people have different cuisines that define their culture and way of life. Being able to enjoy the cuisine raw form the hosts is a great experience. Imagine eating pasta not from an Italian restaurant in your country but from Italy or having super tender and smoky tandoori quails in the streets of Mumbai. Yummy right?  And while at that, you can acquire the quality and affordable services of  so that you don’t have worry about late submission of assignment because you went to eat.


7. Appreciation of the versatility

When away from home, one tends to be more appreciative of the people, things and situations around them. For instance when you’re in a fast world  country where everything is moving at a pace that you’re struggling to catch up with, you tend to look back and actually appreciate that nosy neighbor who stops you to sniff out what’s going on in your life or that very annoying old woman by the gate who scolds you on a daily for passing them without a ‘hello’ or a ‘good evening’


8. A lifetime experience

Last but not least,  studying abroad gives you an experience of a  lifetime. An experience worth sharing with your great grandchildren. They say YOLO (You Only Live Once) right?! It’s more or less a life changing experience that influences your life then and after. As you enjoy the perks of adventure and fun that come with studying and living abroad, engage the custom-made, professional writing services of  to help with the load of assignments that  would hold you down in the library or hostel over the weekend, make you miss out on all the fun.

Striking a balance between sports and academics

Written by Thursday, 27 September 2018 15:20

Sports is great. In fact, I love sports. Academics is  also very important. I wouldn’t say I love love academics, but I kind of like it because of its importance. Both academics and sports are highly  demanding and require a lot of discipline and time management, which most people struggle with.

In my teen age I played hockey and did short races i.e 800m and below for my high school teams. Well, I wasn’t Usain Bolt but I held my own. Medals here and there for my school and region in athletics, medals and trophies in hockey.  School work? Well, most of the time I was above average and sometimes just average, depending on whether it was a sports season or the conformity to the subject(s). I cannot say I was discipline with my time management because sometimes I’d lag behind in class work and assignments, miss a cat or two, miss almost all prep times especially the first half of the year when ball games and athletics tournaments would take place. In as much as I did fairly well in my final high school exams, my energy and passion was more on the sports. Did I strike a balance? Not really. It was hard, and I can say this for almost  if not all of my teammates. Sadly, I discontinued my sports life because of a permanent knee injury.

In college, one of my teammates continues to play  for a national league team and honestly i must say it was exhausting for her. Missing lectures and having to submit assignments after the due date has expired. Funny enough, she was more often than not inclined to skip a class for the game and not the other way round. It reached a point she almost deferred to finish off  a continental tournament. That was until she found out about websites the likes of  which provides quality, professionally done and custom-made essay writing services at a student’s pocket friendly rates. And the best part of it is that she did not have to fight with her lecturers or lose marks for plagiarism since the writers guaranteed an unplagiarized work.

She can now loosen up a little because at least her takeaway assignments and research term papers are sorted by , sounds great right?! Did I mention that she is doing her master's Degree. That’s right. With whose help? Yours truly

Now, how does one strike a balance? One may ask. Well, I have two pointers on top of my head. One is priority. Knowing what to do and when is very important. If it is time for academic work, do that and if it is time for sports, the same. I failed miserably at that. Whenever i come back from the tournaments, I would spend a great deal of time telling my friends how it was. These are people who have their notes upto date and done their assignments, unlike me. Another thing that most athletes would not like to hear is ‘cut down on the love for the game’. Why? It is never all play. One needs back up. Many a times, brains are our back ups and we sharpen it through academics. For instance, a player like me who can never play hockey again, had I not done well in my academics, where would i be?

Tips On Writing Research Paper

Written by Thursday, 27 September 2018 15:05

Writing a research paper is not rocket science but at the same time it can be quite a challenging task. A task that you can either choose to outsource to writing service sites like  or just do it with the  help tips below.


1. Find a Topic

If you have not been assigned one, find a topic that captures your interest. A topic that can be researched on. If need be, seek advice from your tutor on its relevance and timeliness to ensure you’re not researching on work  that will not help make a difference on the society or in your own self in the least.


2. Data  Collection

Source your information from the wide range of sources available.  From journals, books, credible internet sources, newspapers to questionnaires. The most important thing to factor in is credibility. Make sure the sources you have collected data from can be trusted to avoid discrediting your own work.


3. Make a problem statement and draft objectives

Come up with the statement of problem. The statement should capture the entire paper without being  too wordy. A short paragraph of 3 to 4 sentences is enough. From there can you now derive objectives both overall and specific objectives. Ensure your objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound i.e SMART.


4. Make paper outline

Make a listing of how your work is going to flow. What is going to follow what so that your paper is presentable to the eye or reader for that matter. For example it can be introduction then body then conclusion and recommendations. This ensures that you  capture the reader from top to bottom, they are able to follow where the paper is coming from and heading to.


5. Draft the work

Here is where you build up your paper, filling in the information you sourced, citing various publications, introducing and concluding your paper with a few of your recommendations. Use the right wording, terminologies to avoid grammatical and semantic errors.


6. Revise and make corrections for final paper

Just in case you have made errors on the above step, here is where you go through your paper and make the necessary corrections. More often than not we tend to overlook or should the word be we do not see. An easier way to help with this is finding a friend to proofread for you and highlight your points of error. Then ensure your work is as per the outline you had earlier made.

In addition, ensure the arguments and discussions are objective, factual, clear and that they  strongly support your problem statement. Cite all the sources properly to ensure you’re not faulted for plagiarizing. It is a crime as copyright laws are absolute. Find a suitable citation style for your paper. There are a variety of them; APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian , e.t.c. depending on your citation style, arrange your reference list accordingly and correctly.

At the end of your paper, ensure the reader puts it down with a sense of completion. No questions hanging over it. Or you can just visit  and let them do it  for you.

How Plagiarism Affects Quality Of Learning

Written by Thursday, 27 September 2018 14:05

How plagiarism affects quality of learning

Plagiarism is copying one’s creative or intellectual work, using it as your own. It could be intentional or unintentional. Using someone else’s statement, paragraph, or even an entire article without citing the reference equals to plagiarism. Many people especially those in learning institutions fall into this trap. It has quite a number of effects on the quality of learning.


1. Limited creative thinking

Plagiarism limits if not completely stops creative thinking of students. It is easier to take one’s word and use it as your own than think hard and deep to create your own point of argument, so if given, most students would copy and paste work to make it their own. With that, no effort on creativity would have been put. It also deprives the students of the important learning aspects such as structuring of paper, citing the sources, critical thinking to bring out one’s argument clearly and so on.


2. Credibility of the paper

When one plagiarize a paper or an article for that matter, the credibility of the paper is questioned. Research papers are meant to pass information from one level to another  for the purpose of learning. If the paper is wrongly acknowledged, how can one believe that the work is accurate? In turn, how can that paper be used for the purpose of learning.


3.Student’s reputation

Plagiarism can damage a student’s reputation. When a student is alleged to have plagiarized a paper in most institutions, they are either suspended or expelled depending on the number of times they have committed the offence. The offence is reflected in the student’s records which may can make it hard for the student to gain entry into other institutions.


4. Lack of appreciation for intellectual property

Plagiarism creates an atmosphere where students no longer appreciate intellectual property. Today’s generation where information is just a click away in the internet, people just assume that the information is common knowledge and they can be used as they deem  fit. Hence no need of quoting and citing the sources.


5. Discord within the institution

Plagiarism creates discord amongst the students and also between the students and teachers. For quality learning to take place, their ought to be in the least a cordial relation between and amongst. But now, if the work used for learning purpose is not authentic, how can the teacher stand in front of the class and teach? Or if one student copies work without acknowledging the author, of course their interactions with the others will be strained. Like ‘what can a copycat tell me?’


With just a few consequences mentioned, one can see how bad plagiarism is, but to avoid such one can also  check   . They are professional writers service site that provide quality and affordable research papers with a non-plagiarism guarantee.

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