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Land Law assignment help

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In 2011 five solicitors, Ian, Geoffrey, Ursula, Venus and Adam purchased Mephistopheles House as a place to stay in London during the week as they worked too many hours each day at Faust plc, a solicitors’ firm, to commute from their homes in the country. Ian and Geoffrey each paid 40% of the purchase price and Ursula 20% (Ursula’s money coming from her mother Juliet who was promised that she could live in the house if she wished), whilst Venus and Adam paid nothing. The house was conveyed to the five of them as beneficial joint tenants.  
In 2015 Ian went to work abroad. He sent a letter to Ursula, Geoffrey, Venus and Adam saying that he wanted Mephistopheles House to be sold immediately so that he could ‘take his 40%’. The note was sent by standard post to Mephistopheles House and was opened by Ursula who immediately threw it away without showing it to the others. On emptying the bin Venus discovered the note and sent an email, which she mistakenly sent to everyone at Faust plc, telling them that she was hurt not to have been consulted and had consequently decided to sell her share of Mephistopheles House with immediate effect. However a few days later she discovered she was pregnant and decided not to go through with her plans to leave.  
In January 2016 Ursula died in a car crash on the way to the christening of Venus’s daughter. Her will left all of her property to Geoffrey. Deeply upset by the death of Ursula, Geoffrey began to drink and gamble heavily, ultimately becoming bankrupt in December 2016, committing suicide on the morning of the bankruptcy hearing.  
You are consulted by Ian, who has returned to the UK in January 2017 and wants to resume living in Mephistopheles House. However, Adam has told him that, since being made redundant, he has agreed to sell Mephistopheles House to Daniel, although Venus is currently refusing to move out.  
Advise Ian:      
Answer all three of the following:
Qu.1 What is the effect of the above events on the legal estate and equitable interests in Mephistopheles House; and Qu.2 Is Adam entitled to exclude Ian and Venus from living there and is there is anything Ian can do to prevent a sale. Qu.3 Daniel has consulted you about his proposed purchase. What ought Daniel to be aware of in respect of the conveyancing process as regards this estate?  
NOTE: (a) This ought to account for approximately 45% of your narrative being worth 45%.
(b) This ought to account for approximately 40% of your narrative being worth 40%.
(c) This ought to account for approximately 15% of your narrative being worth 15%

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Business law assignment

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Assessment Description:

Question One:   10%  500 words  Answers must be supported by case and statute references. You need to closely consider Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4, where relevant.
Explain the key characteristics of the Australian legal system.

Be sure to include some discussion of the different sources of law in Australia.
Question two: 15%  1000 words  Answers must be supported by case and statute references. You need to closely consider Chapters 1, 2,3,4,5, 7, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 where relevant.
Hugh runs a seafood restaurant, Hugh’s Treats.  He has decided to start using a drone to deliver food to customers at home.

At first it all goes well.

Unfortunately on November 11 this year in the evening one drone falls from the sky and hits Nick, a customer, causing serious head injuries.

On November 12 some chemicals from the drone leak and contaminate the food delivery to Lana and her husband, Len. This contamination kills Len and seriously poisons Lana.

• What are the key areas of business law that are relevant in these facts?

• Who can take legal action and what remedies could be given by a court?
References must follow the Harvard referencing style. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Report writing. Please see Academic Learning skills staff for assistance with this, or any assignment.

Assessment Submission:
Marks will be deducted for late submission - 5% deduction per calendar day late, of the total mark is applicable. However, consideration may be offered only under medical ground or other extenuating circumstances.  You must provide appropriate supporting documentation for consideration. 
Please be aware that any assessments submitted in formats other than Microsoft Word will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in Word format.

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